Wayfinding, Spatial Design, Graphic Design

Visual wall decoration for the town hall of Thisted.

The decoration of the foyer, corridors, canteen and meeting rooms is based on the municipality’s focus on green energy. Thisted distinguishes itself by being Denmark’s leading climate municipality. Today, 100 percent of all the municipality’s electricity comes from renewable energy, which the concept wants to emphasize. The wind turbine as a motif has the main focus and is supported by elements from the nature / beach areas in and around Thisted.

Thisted is also described as “Cold Hawaii” as one of the best places in Northern Europe to surf, which also emerges as a key element in the decorations. The concept consists of pattern illustrations for foil screening of the corridor area in the foyer. This illustration brings together all the elements for the whole concept where the decorative elements for the other rooms each represent elements from this main concept. In addition to being a decorative element, parts of the decoration concept consist of sound-absorbing modules with the concept’s patterns printed on them. The illustration concept also includes wayfinding elements to integrate the concept 100% into the existing architecture’s function as a town hall.